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Quote: Originally Posted by Rion_Starkiller View Post
I got the impression he got tired of working for free. :shrug:

He should slap a discrete ad on his site if he wants to make a little money for his work.
thats absolutly reasonable and i appriciate the work and effort behind this project. we wouldnt have any other solid way to rank all specs and compare them in each boss fight. so dont get me wrong, not wanna be ungrateful here.

on the other hand i dont think these kinds of project are designed to get payed for. the community using them is to small and if you would hide them behind a paywall nobody would use them anymore.

one should be aware of that situation when starting such projects, and im sure the creators of parsely were.
you either do it correct, or dont do it at all.

but yeah, thats why I/we cant demand anything from them. but in this case its a very easy check to implement to filter these bugged perks. and seeing the impact of them to such a nice tool, makes me kinda sad.

Quote: Originally Posted by Ardarell_Solo View Post
I just did that for Sents/Maras and it turns out all top 8 parses use that bug. In top 10 only those by "Non-sorc Zanwell", "Rana'vex" are legit. #11 ist with the bugged perk, too, from then on the rest of the parses are legit as well.

That's a substantially distorted list Parsely presents these days, then. Assuming Sents/Maras are by far not the only spec who does it, imo you can hardly call that a "leaderboard"...
at this point i think all top100 parses overall use this perk. theres one guild who discovered it first and literaly spamed the board with these 1.2GCD parses from all specs.

on a side note: even some of the "legit" parses arent realistic, as they use pre-build resources to skip some parts of the opener like non-sorc did, since the opener of anni is very slow. you wouldnt have that pre-build rage with anni in a legit bossfight most of the time. but these are minor differences compared to the 10% dps boost the perk provides.