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I dunno why you seem to think that wanting our class to not suck at PVP means we want it to be a sniper, except insofar as sniper doesn't suck in a PVP environment. It reflects a ranged class done right. Unfortunately, we all leveled mercenary or commando, and yes indeed have an affectionate attachment to the class. That doesn't necessarily mean we're just in love with 1 button tracer spam. Frankly if thats what you were doing on merc then you were right to reroll sniper because clearly you were an awful Mercenary.

The rest of us wouldn't mind some more complexity to our rotations if it meant that shutting down one ability didn't shut us down completely, and I don't see how asking for more utility and survivability is somehow asking too much when we're the lowest for all.

Here's what I'm saying: If you don't have anything useful to contribute to the discussion (reroll sniper isn't useful since the topic is improving Merc/Commando), then I'm gonna just treat you like a troll and ignore you Uncle Atramar. If you are a troll then I'm sure you don't care, but if you're trying to be helpful then apologies but you're doing it wrong.

On Nerfing Range: This would cripple us as a ranged class. If anything our range should be extended to 35m.

From a ranged vs knight/warrior perspective of course there is functionally no difference between 30m and 25m. They can leap to us at the same time that we can engage them either way. If we're casting an ability then they'll interrupt it either way so that's a wash. But 25m range significantly hurts our ability to pick out spots with good obstacles and DPS because we would have to be that much closer to the action, and I don't want to think about the PVE implications. 30m range is why you can plant yourself in the middle of the writhing horror arena and hit the boss no matter where he burrows. Its a significant factor in us not having to move in otherwise mobile fights.

Possibly make it a talent that reduces the range of all abilities by 5-10m but allows us to cast on the move? Then we have the option to simply not take it in PVE if we feel it's better (and sometimes we might feel its not better).

On the whole though casting on the move is pretty close to instant casts and makes me worry about straying into OP territory. And it STILL doesn't address our utility issues.
Hmm, that's a good point. I still do like the idea of run and gun. A lot of times, if I play as an arsenal merc; the reason I cannot get an effective stack of tracer missiles going even when not being focused and interrupted is, people simply run out of range mid cast. You have to stop to fire it and then you have all these classes with speed bursts or even just running while you stop is enough leave you behind.

Utility is needed as well, and I also am not a big fan of TM giving me 3 different stacks for different things. it is just too much of a focus on TM. Pyros also is "ok" but I feel it to lacks something. One thing with it that bothers me is the chance of procing lending to a greater possibility of being unlucky and not getting it for a string of attacks which then can also cause you to not get that extra heat management.

Whatever they do, I can't wait to revisit my merc and try it out.