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If tacticals are what you like, healers are the ones with the power to carry a group through them. Tanks are nice, but without healing backup you'll just die a lot. A healer can get 3 DPSers through them easily.
That's true. It became clear with the tacticals after 4.0

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You might also think about how you have a tendency to play.

I just had the same dilemma, as I have been a solo dps player. I have played ranged classes more than melee for some reason. But, I just finished getting a JK to 65 and had fun. So, when I started playing with someone local we decided to play one tank and one healer. I ended up with tank because it felt like more of a challenge, or more of a reversal of roles for me. Having had fun with the JK didn't hurt. To give myself a bit of a break I decided to use the JK tank for my learning toon.
I also agree. The healer is important but the tank is more action packed. I wonder how far the tank can survive in tacticals without healing on gold n silver trash. would be fun to find out.