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oh, never happen to me 1st and 2nd dmg hit normal dmg or normal crit dmg but the third just didn't exist.

i didn't notice that, from what i saw there 4 consecutively fire spawn on melee and tanks. Btw, quite easy to avoid. So great when your are alone to depop small turrets with saber reflect + vigilant thrust
Yeah, I will make a video of it next time I sit down and parse because it's fairly common for me. But you maybe correct, through 5 pulls, I saw it double spawn on me a few times and our tanks died a few times from having a fire spawn, then the knockback into another fire on the opposite side of the room. But it would seem that the fire may be Saber Reflect-able. At least that is what one of our tanks experienced last night (ran 2 guardian tanks). Will try next time we raid.