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I like the Yavin stronghold however I can not find a natural party room in it. I have spent many hours trying to find the correct spot but no luck yet. Perhaps I can be more creative, I am so used to Nar Shadaa
I used the basement for that purpose. While it's obviously not going to be as flashy as a NS minicasino because of the darkish Y4 theme, it's one of the few rooms where the hook layout is semi-conducive to having a cantina of sorts (having a lounge outside over the waterfall doesn't hurt either).

I do wish that there were more large hooks. As it is there are only two rooms (main foyer and basement) with sufficient large hooks to truly decorate the way I want. I had to forego having a workshop entirely--the cave might have been a good place to have one if it had more hooks--and just barely got away with having a medcenter in one of the sanctuaries (the one without the centerpiece hook in it).

Darrien's Vacation Retreat on BC if you want to have a look at what I've done with it. Of course, he's a Sith Warrior so the darkness is appropriate for him.
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