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Hi all,

I am already very familiar with the reality that you can't do Forged Alliances on a character that has been boosted. There is a customization available only through completing that, however, for HK droids that I am interested in (the Imperial Droid one).

My question is, is there a method of getting the bound item over to a boosted character (I have it on another toon), or force-starting that quest after I've completed Fallen Empire and Eternal Throne content?

Or am I just SOL and I'll have to settle for the BBA one as a distant equivalent?
Sad to say that you are SOL for the moment (see below for one possible exception). "Bound" items are bound to the character that happens (with one exception that isn't relevant here(1)), whereas "Bound to Legacy" items can be moved around between your characters but cannot be moved to other players. (Not even your own second account!)

I'd also point out that it is the mere fact of *starting* KotFE or KotET that blocks you from the Revan series. Boosted characters automatically start KotFE (insta60) or KotET (insta65) as part of their creation.

There is some suggestion that "Bound" (to character) will be going away in 6.0 to be replaced by "Bound to Legacy", although that might be only for character gear (weapons, armour and "left side" pieces). I would advise you to take a look once 6.0 drops, but don't be too disappointed if it doesn't happen.

(1) Since you insisted: modifications (Armorings, Hilts, Barrels, Mods and Enhancements) that have been used are Bound, but can be given to another character if you put them in a piece of "Bound to Legacy" gear.
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