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12.24.2011 , 05:19 AM | #9
I'm a girl!

I know there are less female players than male player on SWTOR, but I'm disappointed to see that there are way more options of romance for male players than for girls!

Male player can romance aliens, twi'lek girls, etc, most of them are very beautiful... but girls can only romance humans! (except the Catar for soldiers, maybe)! why that? can't we girls go out with a twi'lek male, a Chiss male, etc? what's wrong with that?

In ME we girls could only have Kaidan as a male romance, and he was human. THEN they understood that we wanted more aliens for romance and added Thane and Garrus to flirt with for ME2.

Please Bioware, think about girl players too. Give us more choice! aliens, but also bulky and manly men as well! you know girls like romances and you should try to attract female players like that, too ^^

just my opinion