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12.23.2011 , 07:06 AM | #6
Ok I am playing a Smuggler and I have noticed there are some NPC's you can have a short flirt with but I never chose to pursue those (maybe happened about three times in my leveling until now, I am level 25)

I decided I wanted to romance my companion which is the ONLY reason I chose smuggler as you get a relatively normal looking guy to beging playing with, his name is Corso Riggs and I have customised him to my liking. So he's cute and relatively easy to romance as he fits with my moral views and approves of nearly everything I do and has liked nearly all the gifts I have given him. H

I have him over 3,000/10,000 in the care bar thingy and he has intiated about 4 romantic conversations at various intervals and finally last night a kiss and a request to court my smuggler lass. Hehehe I loved that!

Im not sure how much better Bioware could have done it so far, I am pretty pleased with his attentions, I am just hoping eventually his random comments will become more intimate, like calling me Dear or darling instead of captain etc and using the odd flirtatious comment too would be nice.

Oh I found this wiki which posts all the diffferent companions for each class, its impresive how much work Bioware has put into customising each classes experiences and I am looking forward to experiencing all the romantic stories.
Oh and I have also done the first(?) of Corsos personal story missions which wasnt too long and quite pleasant too.

The amount of content in this game is staggering!! I am really looking forward to seeing how others romances and relationships are going! I would recommend Corso as a sweet/shy boy type of romance, most will love that about him.