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My big complaint of the game is the class content,First let me say I ENJOY the content for the JC and BH , I am running a shadow and a Merc, Now after I finish the class storylines,I do NOT want to do them again ,as if I did the JC as a sage,it would just be the same storyline like watching a remake of a classic movie,that may be ok but not as fun as the original. Total Recall comes to mind.I know this would be a LOT of work,but it would be nice to have a story line that plays more to the strengths of the sub class,and then have one that is playing to the strengths of the shadow. on a couple of the maps/missions I played my shadow a bit sneaky. and snuck into the area of the last boss/item,but they would not spawn until I went back and attacked a few mobs along the way. It would have been nice to get some bonus as a shadow sneaking to the end of the mission instead of Tanking to it.
I totally agree with you about the class content. It would be much better if the class story took the sub class into account so we could explore their special abilities more.
In particular. the stealthers I've played, Shadow and Scoundrel are penalised heavily for using stealth in missions. You don't get loot drops, or XP or credits for killing mobs, you just miss out entirely. If you could stealth in your mission and achieve it without being detected and get extra credits for doing that, that would really be something.

As a Jedi you are also encouraged to be a massive hypocrite, gaining Lightside points and affection with companions for upholding the pacifist dogma of Jedi. But in the next mission you'll have a massive bonus incentive to go kill 30 or 40 randoms for credit and loot, and wear the penalty if you don't.