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I am seriously disheartened to discover that we still haven't heard a single word about any changes to Strongholds that may be planned for the next expansion. The cynic in me whispers that this is probably because there aren't any forthcoming. But sadly, whether there aren't any changes or updates planned, or whether there are and just no one feels it's worth communicating to the players, either way it's a sad indicator of how little attention is put on this.

My initial post that launched this thread was meant to try to call out to the devs how much fundamental attention Strongholds need; we are horrendously overdue for QoL review. And I specifically called out how little we get in terms of communication around Strongholds. The total lack of response or communication on anything SH related amidst all the other Onslaught tidbits we're being teased is sadly very telling about how much silent treatment this aspect of the game continues to receive.

The last three months have marked the least amount of time I've logged with this game since launch; I've barely touched the game at all. I've been a continuous subscriber since beta. I play every part of this game - end game Ops, GSF, story, solo, conquest, PVP, RP (though granted that's player generated), and everything in between. And among all of these activities that I do, decorating Strongholds is an activity I am perhaps the most passionate about. I know that the degree to which I have obsessed over Strongholds is not common, but nevertheless I know Strongholds remain very popular, and it is absolutely the inability for me to keep decorating (I can no longer access any new strongholds to put decorations in, and in fact one year later I still can't buy Rishi because the question of the cap has been entirely ignored) that has played the most significant part in killing my interest in logging in regularly.

When I look at the regularity with which decorations are released in the CM for purchase, and in the game as rewards, I have to think the devs recognize how popular and wanted decorations are as rewards and purchases. I'm sure the numbers support this or they wouldn't be dedicating resources to decorations development.

When I look at how many threads regularly get posted in the two Suggestions forums about Strongholds related requests, I have to think the devs recognize how much consistent interest there is in seeing this system expanded and supported.

And yet, when I look at how thoroughly the community's feedback on Stronghold needs has been ignored, what it makes me is angry.

I have been, for the most part, what many people would probably call a white knight for Bioware, but I try to call out really crappy decisions when I see them, and the utter lack of responsiveness and attention to Strongholds is one of the crappiest.

In responses in this thread, and in many other threads throughout the forums and elsewhere, people have made all sorts of interesting and useful requests and suggestions. But I have to come back to the six I called out in my initial post on this thread as the ones I still feel are the most crucial, not to just the wish-lists people might have, but to the actual baseline functionality of the Strongholds system. I elaborated on all of these in the original post.

1. Increase the X/Y axes on decorations.
2. Guild flagships desperately need to have their HOOK CAP RAISED.
3. Guilds need to be permitted to unlock more than one ground stronghold.
4. Individual players need to be permitted to buy duplicate copies of a stronghold.
5. Address the stronghold cap by raising it significantly or removing it entirely (players who retained stronghold copies because of the server merge should not be locked out of ever acquiring new strongholds).
6. The strongholds assets and development team needs to be sat down and talked to seriously about ways to dramatically improve the decorating experience, in terms of decorations themselves and especially hook placement.

Items 1 and 2 on that list have been asked for AD NAUSEUM for YEARS. At this moment there are four distinct threads asking for guildship hook caps to be raised over the course of the last month alone.

And as regards items 4 and 5, I am seeing, with greatly increasing frequency, the most passionate decorators consistently reporting that they no longer have anywhere to put all of the new decorations that are being released because the extremely limited number of strongholds we are permitted are full.

We love getting oodles of decorations on Ossus, on Dantooine, for Nightlife, on the CM... but what is the point if there's nowhere to use them? I honestly cannot believe that it's been a year since Rishi was released and we still haven't heard one single whisper about addressing the stronghold cap.

I know we're only a month or two from the release of Onslaught. I know changes take time. But this thread was posted in May, and all it does is try to aggregate issues that have been called out for YEARS, and honestly if Onslaught hits with NONE of this addressed I will be more disappointed than I can say.

For the first time since Strongholds were released, I find myself wondering if I should even bother to get the newest decorations on offer. I can't use them anywhere (because I have no desire to delete the strongholds I have dedicated years of fine-tuning to), so what's the point of giving my money to the CM for anything new? Releasing new decorations without making new SH spaces available to long-term decorators is like asking artists to pay you to come to your painting class and then not letting anyone have any canvases.

Please, Bioware team. I have long loved this game, but in more than seven years I've never felt so disinterested in logging in as I do now. I can't tell you how much being able to spend hours playing with newly available Stronghold stages would help turn that around and incentivize me to bother grinding for decos again. I know there's an expansion around the corner, but please take to heart the idea that if it releases without a single QoL update being rolled out for a component of the game as popular as Strongholds, then you have seriously missed the mark somewhere.