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I've been watching this subforum for years and watching people who are passionate about a game mode I'd never give the time of day if it weren't Star Wars because of how ridiculously complex it is for a casual activity but after this week's timed weekly and forcing myself for the 5th time since GSF released, to try to read what seem to be dissertations to GET STARTED and at the very least not suck, I've given up. I can't do it.

Go watch this playlist:

It's just over half an hour long if you watch THE ENTIRE PLAYLIST but you don't need to watch all of it at once and nearly every video is under five minutes long. This isn't a very large time investment.

Join the GSF channel in game or the Discord server. Talk about the game. Ask questions. It's no different than anything else in the rest of the game and I'd argue not more complicated than the ground PVP game either in terms of number of abilities you might see used.