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05.05.2019 , 08:51 AM | #26
After playing serenity pretty hard for the last couple weeks in all game modes, the bottom line change that needs to happen with this spec is the Dot lifesteal needs to be increased. The healing you get from Dots is absolutely negligible. I don't know how someone decided that this version of a Dot+sustain spec was satisfactory. The heals are so small they might as well not even be in the game. The serenity strike lifesteal is fine. don't touch that. But the dot healing needs to be increased enough so that DPS shadow players might actually consider playing it over infiltration.

If BW is so against increasing serenity sustain that they will not entertain this, then there needs to be an item that extends the range of force breach and force in balance so that the spec can apply its basic dots without having to walk into melee range and getting forced out instantly. Make it so that it will have to determine when it's safe to walk in to use squelch, whirling blow, and serenity strike.
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