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04.28.2019 , 08:26 AM | #21
Ever since the nerf on Assassinate, that ability was made trash. Far worse it is on Hatred since its a proc.

I have 258 MH/OH along with the set, the damage on it says something like 11700-13700 ish dmg, yet when I get a proc, I can hit as low as 7K which is laughable, proced/crit hit from the set can deal from 15-20k ish, depending on the armor of the enemy that I hit.

Seriously BioWare, whoever told you to nerf sins damage never played that class, unlike me, been playing it since 2014 and since all the nerfs and zero buffs to Hatred, I play it mostly in PVE, cause in PVP, it's the most squishy class that exists with terrible defenses. The only strong point on that class are dots if u manage to live long enough to spread them once. (pvp wise)

I know this is kinda off the topic and we're clueless on these tactical items and how they will work, but I think there's no item in the world that will make this class more powerful without any class/spec buffs.

Remember mercs in 2.0-3.0 era?

Make this class great again.