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Scouts are useless in the hands of players who can't pilot them. Those that can still may fall easily to attacks of opportunity. If he's not actively boosting or LoSing, he's railgun fodder. If he slows down for a second to hit his target better, he's blaster cannon fodder. If he flies around in the middle of a firefight, he's missile fodder.

I'm primarily a Scout pilot, but I run all ships for bonus fleet req, and Scouts are almost always my preferred target - whenever I'm running a Gunship, or a Striker.

On the Gunship, awareness is my weapon against them. Always look around between shots, change positions between kills. If you see him approaching, chill, when he starts lining up his shot, reflect shield, railgun/scatterblaster. The only ones that don't die right away are those sporting good upgrades, or that activate Distortion. But they're still forced to break off where you can either pick them off, or create distance with barrel roll engine.

On my Striker - power to shields, engine specials, cluster missiles by cooldown, hit them with Ion cannons whenever I get the chance - Energy drain is great.
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