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06.20.2019 , 10:45 AM | #1 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Hey folks,

Today we want to kick-off our testing for Onslaught! Following up from our Spoils of War stream, we want to do things a bit differently this time. In a few weeks, we will have a variety of things coming to PTS for you to get hands-on with. However, we don't think we need to wait that long to start getting your feedback.

Our approach for Onslaught is that as soon as we have information to share, we are going to share it so that we can start getting your thoughts. We are kicking that off today with the current, tentative list of new abilities, set bonuses, and tactical bonuses coming to the Inquisitor Class. This includes the Sorcerer, Assassin, and their Disciplines. You can view their respective threads here:
Please head into those threads and share your thoughts! In the coming weeks we will be pushing out additional information for the remaining classes as they are ready. Once we get closer to having Onslaught playable on PTS I will give you a more concrete schedule on that front.

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