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12.17.2018 , 06:05 PM | #18
yes that's the one I used, from Drakkolich ship builds, had to skip some pages to find any up dates, since the builds were back in 2014, and I didn't see any update date on the OP.
I didn't have it booked marked, and couldn't find it again, but just did. The one thing I changed for me, on the Quell build, was the engine, that dive got me killed too many times, and find the Barrel works out better for me

speaking of Drakkolich, looked like he was on the other team, so said to my self, I better look good if they're streaming, and the first time I fired my Primary, there was a big DOH!!, earlier I was adding skill to the other upgrades, just maxing everything, got what I like so far, and this way if something changes, they be upgraded already, if they become the new meta.
The Doh!!, was I had just purchased the heavy lasers, but didn't upgrade, and forgot to switch back to to the lights, so there was a 'What The' moment, and had to deal what I could, well at least I didn't do the least amount of damage

So much for looking good in front of the camera . . well actually I was staying away from it, if there was one