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Excuses , my point is not eveyr Jedi with Skills and Abilities measures up . Plo Koon comes from More PEACEFUL times , while Revan is battle Harded and is wise to know in his prime that betrayal can happen (Taught to him by his Best Friend Malek )!

Different times .
Actually Plo Koon was the third best pilot in the Order.

Glad you brought that betrayal up. Revan was almost killed by Malak. If Bastila hadn't saved him, Revan would have died. So what does that say? Nothing. Unless Revan knew it was coming, then it says alot. Revan knew Malak would betray him again, but he didn't expect it at that time.

Plo Koon is in a similar boat. He didn't see it coming.

Excuses eh? So the facts are just excuses. /sigh

I'm done here.
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