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11.16.2013 , 07:51 AM | #2
I have my ops ui maxed out with teammates HP bar showing, and will either press my next ally button or click on the ops ui.

I spam Kolto Bomb every 6 seconds, even if it's just on 1 teammate.

And when Supercharge Cells is ready, I will put AMP GCD, then use Supercharge Cells & spam AMP over & over. If I don't need to spam AMP, then I will use Kolto Bomb for the 5% damage reduction.

Finally you have to judge when to use Bacta Infusion, Trauma Probe, MP & firing your big green ray gun. I only use my ray gun when a teammate is above 90% HP, I am on the run, or have no energy.

Bacta Infusion, Trauma Probe, MP is for those under 75% HP.

I think that's it. Haven't played my Commando healer for a bit.