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First, why do you play as Empire or as Republic?
What if all the sith emperors were good? What if instead of palpatine the emperor was a sith that just tried to make the galaxy a better place to everyone?
Think about it, all that is needed to make the galaxy the best place to live is a sith leader that is willing to fix things and knows how to do it. Palpatine could fix all the evil and problems of the galaxy if himself wasnít crazy and evil.
Also, isnít the republic almost as evil as the empire? Theoretically the republic is against slavery, but it does nothing about it. There are a lot of planets, like tatooine, that have slaves. Besides, the whole political system of the republic is corrupt and therefore evil. We see that in the movies, were they LET palpatine do whatever he wants because there are a lot of corrupt senators.
What I mean is, if one want to make a peaceful and prosper galaxy, isnít a lot easier in a unified sith empire than a corrupted republic? In the empire just the emperor must be good, while in the republic all politicians do.
Iíll leave another question here. There is any famous light side sith? I know sith that later changed to light side, but left the order. And I know that the characters in this game can be lights side sith (mine is neutral). In Dromund Kaas there is a quest where a sith lord named Kelíeth Ur says about peace as a path the sith should follow. Besides him, there is any other?