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11.19.2019 , 02:59 PM | #26
I enjoy the system WoW has and honestly cannot recall the last time I've seen a gold spammer.

They sell tokens in their game shop for real world currency which can then be traded on the auction house for predetermined price value of in-game gold. This stops people from undercutting one another and the gold value is based on supply vs. demand (and based on average illegal gold selling rates when the tokens first launched).

The tokens themselves can be used to either convert to Blizzard balance (real currency in your account to use in the shops) or to one-month game time. This has allowed people who'd prefer not to, or can't, spend real money on the game or shop to farm gold in-game and then purchase tokens on the AH/GTN, paying for their gameplay with gameplay.

It's genuinely a good system, a win-win for all, and one I'm very happy with. Rift had something similar at one point except their version of tokens could be converted into special cash-shop currency similar to our Cartel Coins.

I'm all for SWTOR implementing something similar.
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