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I have played combat medic for years, and am well thought of. I would like to see changes to the energy pool, as resource starvation is frustrating. I would like to see alacrity work better on energy regain for healers in particular. I know this post is for tactical items and set bonus ideas, but I am going to take this opportunity to make some suggestions too. Firstly I would like to flag the whole timer thing with supercharge cell, I think it would work a lot better if activating supercharge cell grants 6 charges instead of a timer. This way we can mix up the healing rotation with an AoE when it comes off cool down, and in addition getting stunned would not ruin our main single target healing buff. Med shot would be better if crits gave 2 stacks of supercharge, for fast stacks building. Finally reduce the healing cost of all heals please, you can max out your energy pool in seconds under current conditions.

So here are my tactical items suggestions:
Kolto bomb continues to heal when team members leave the area.
Kolto bomb heals for x more
Diversion absorbs x single target damage, this should be across the commando adv class as standard.
Trauma probe heals for more.
Trauma probe has double the charges (12), and lasts 4 minutes.
Bacta infusion grants 25% energy when used with supercharged cell or 10s after activating supercharge cell
Field aid has 2 charges
field aid removes all removable debuffs
Recharge cells restore 100% energy, (we are energy starved)
Successive treatment now heals 8 people an applies an armor buff to all.
Med shot causes trauma probe to activate consuming 1 charge every time medshot is applied to the target, regardless of if the target is taking damage, (pairing them would in this way would make this filler so much more important.
Medshot heals for 100% more. Crits with med shot generate 2 stacks of supercharge cell.
2 charges to reserve powercell.
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