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Quote: Originally Posted by JattaGin View Post
Your writing style is a disgrace to all commando medic players (I bet you play a merc though).

I beg you, please play a sorcerer. That's what people with your attitude and mindset usually play.

I honestly think that you are a horrible person, if I only judge by your way of communicating.

Your post is a perfect example of how NOT to address issues. Such language and style will bring you nowhere. Or have you ever had a good reaction in your life after such a complaint? Do you bring people on your side like this?


I think the bonuses for commando medics are quite alright - if they work.
Yeah they didnt fixed it yet because of my angry post, come on it is almost 9 months with pts beta testing and they didnt fixed it and i opened many bug reports about this and all my tickets was ignored all i got is an automated message after 3-4 days. Do you know any cartel market item related sosmetic bug fixed in next patct as a priority and now they are talking about next set bonuses and old ones are not still working properly. This is just a joke on players. I am angry to their attitude and acting like this set bonus is working as intended. Yes i am a horrible person because i am getting angry when someone lies on my face twice (they announced this bug fixed twice), and after that acts like nothing happened.