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Its not about realism of infinite ammo, its about competitive advantage and strategic usage.
It's always strategically correct to loose the missile- the ONLY exceptions are when you don't want to lose the missile's cooldown. And given the rest of the gameplay, that's a good thing. Ex: I don't want to proton a guy who can barrel roll, not because of the lost proton, but because of the reload time on the NEXT proton- I won't be able to capitalize on the post barrel roll enemy with another proton.

Not to mention they'd have to completely change the tier system of clusters as some of them swap lower capacity for higher dps. Capacity extenders would also be rendered useless. It would be an unnecessary overhaul.

Here's your changes:

The guy who gives you 25% ammo instead increases missile and torpedo damage by 3%.
The magazine maxes out, not at 50% more ammo, but at 6% more missile damage.

Overhaul done!