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06.27.2019 , 09:03 PM | #1
So... GSF is fun. It's very fast paced, there's some coordination going on. So far the only 2 modes I see are TDM and satellite control. I like it, kind of? But the more I do it the more frustrated I become and the more I start to dislike it.

GSF's tutorial is garbage. It barely teaches you anything. It teaches you movement, how to fire your primary/secondary, and how to capture a node while destroying stationary targets. That being said, you're locked to 1 ship. You can't choose a different type, you're stuck in one ship for the tutorial. There's no situation to experience, there's no "If this happens, do this action".

I had an argument early this morning (around 4-5am) on Imperial Fleet because I said, unlike GSF, at least PvE teaches you how to move around and somewhat prepares you for regular PvP. Take that any way you want, that's my interpretation. GSF has no PvE sequences at all, and there's no way to know what you're ACTUALLY supposed to do.

I'll say again, I like GSF, but the more I do it the more I'm starting to dislike it. It's basically teaching you how to swim by dumping you into the ocean while being blindfolded. If GSF had a PvE thing, that'd be great, since then people can actually get into it and know how to do certain things in a variety of situations.