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If you are procing defensive force regen, you should always be thrashing before a force lightning if your stacks wont fall off, which is nearly every cycle (especially those rotations without discharge) or if you know an attack wont hit you during the time before you finish your channel, so that you start with an energized shock (I really should know the Shadow names for these considering I have one...) rather than a regular shock.
The shadow name is pretty lame: accelerated project. Just say energized shock; we all know what you mean. :-)

Using gcd4 on Thrash (or Maul) is definitely a good idea, not just for the extra Particle Acceleration/Energize proc, but also because it allows you to open the next block with Project/Shock rather than Slow Time/Wither.

Regarding the triple Recklessness/Force Potency, see the note in my article addressed specifically to you. :-) It's a noticeable DPS gain to do what you recommend, but you have to play with fire on your stacks to pull it off since you need both gcd4 and gcd5. On top of that, it's a bit RNG-dependent. I think it's something I would do if the enrage timer on a fight was tight enough that 12-17 DPS would make a difference, but it's just not worth the effort or risk in most cases.
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