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I'm curious. Did you ignore all the pleas from beta? Why now are you acting like it's a new issue?

We've had this problem SINCE EARLY BETA. It was THE #1 issue (easily) that everyone wanted taken care off FIRST.

It still plagues our game play TO THIS DAY and it's unacceptable that this wasn't fixed IN BETA.

Bioware still has a TON to learn about what needs to be put at the top of list. PRIORITIZE. This is ridiculous and I'm beyond pissed that we still have to deal with this a month after the game has been released, and likely much much longer.

So, would you rather they not fix it at all? "It should have been fixed already" is unacceptable. They don't own a time machine and they can't just go back and change something. They keep us in the loop about updates and this is the kind of crap they get for it? Can Bioware even win at this point with people like you? At this point, I wish more of "you" would just unsubscribe. All you do is scream "that's not good enough" when you have no idea what it takes to patch a game like this. I mean really, what do you want them to do other than fix it when they will or magically change the past? I really wanna hear your response to this.

10/10 I raged

tl;dr Nothing we can do now but move forward. Come at me, bro.
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