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04.18.2019 , 11:20 AM | #8
I've always thought that Mandos (Both Commando and Mandalorians) had a pretty simple set of abilities to use, with quite a bit of them being unused. So in a sense, I've always been hopeful that we would see another new ability.

With that being said, I.O./A.S. were in a pretty neat spot being that their damage out put wasn't too far out there in terms of being over powered, nor was it too lack luster. The problem that I feel needing to be addressed is comparing what tools the two damage disciplines have in terms of survival. Arsenal and Gunnery have their survival tied into their ability use, where as IO/AS are forced to either Deal Damage, or Survive.

Below is my Idea of what changes and additions would benefit this class the most.

Double Jeopardy - After casting Propulsion Round/Rocket Out, Being Leapt to/Pulled resets the cooldown on Propulsion Round/Rocket Out allowing the caster to travel slightly farther.
Pocket Sand - Casting Propulsion Round/Rocket Out leaves behind a layer of sand, cause up to 5 targets to be slowed for 10 seconds or until canceled. For the first 5 seconds, affected targets can not leap to the caster.
Advanced Durasteel - After being incapacitated, Durasteel plating surrounds the player, resisting the next two Tech/Force attacks respectively. Breaking the stun affect early resists the next Tech/Force attack respectively.

Set Bonus
Disclaimer: I despise cookie cuter builds, So I devised the set bonuses to be unique for each discipline.

2 Piece - Damage over time affects now have a (10%) chance to cause your next Medical Probe/Rapid Scan to be instant and cost no energy.
4 Piece - Hail of Bolt/ Sweeping Blasters now spreads your Damage over time affects to all targets affected by the spell. In addition, Damage over time affects spread this way cause you to be healed for 25% of the damage dealt by your damage over time affects.
6 Piece - Full Auto/Unload now refreshes your damage over time affects. In addition, Full Auto/Unload now causes your damage over time affects on your current target to deal damage at the same rate, increasing the damage over Full Auto/Unload over their duration.

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