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Quote: Originally Posted by RookStryfe View Post
Putting the same skills like stuns on every class turns the classes into generic trash.
Nope that is an awful idea, CC wise Assassin holds the keys. Which I stated is brilliant for me.

Quote: Originally Posted by RookStryfe View Post
They have taken many of the key abilities that used to be class specific and placed them on every class so now practically every class has stuns, force charges, heals, short term iwin dcd's, movement buffs and debuffs, etc.
No, everyone has lost key abilities through the years I remember losing Disable Droid. So no you're not the only class to lose abilities nor was you the only ones to have stuns or mezzes, I remember Beta when Marauders had Force Push. CC's was never class specific and will never be since they're to control the crowd around you.

Quote: Originally Posted by RookStryfe View Post
Stuns belong on stun classes only.

Charges belong on warrior type classes.

Heals on heal classes.
There isn't a book that states what is and isn't a stun class, whilst this system was put in place to allow Hybrids and the likes of shared base classes that is traditional, we have already seen enough gutting of classes and specs without needing more.

Quote: Originally Posted by RookStryfe View Post
Mara and most of the other classes should not be CC'ing. A 2 second stun on their charge is reasonable. An Aoe CC is stupid.
No, as each and every class in the game there isn't a charter on who should be doing what to suit your needs. The game was built around this system called resolve, hard stuns, snare and mezzes. Stuns do not break on combat, Mezzes do. So if you're finding the AOE CC that is a Mez stupid than you don't know what is stupid when it comes to CC's e.g. Ranged CC's shouldn't be a thing IMO, You should have to sacrifice position to stun someone. But they're in the game and Assassin's have a Ranged CC called (Whirlwind usable at 30m) since they're a Melee class it doesn't make any sense that's what I call stupidity.
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