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Probley a touch of lag and well timed missile breaks are what im seeing i bet
I actualy did watch your vidios all of witch are usefull and well done and thank you. However it did not clear up my question about the CXP scoring . the vid says your caped at 8 medeals for cxp however it says it's 70 for a win per medal . thats 560 CXP and im getting 4000 more than that consitantly , also i notice alot more CXP when i get over 10 medels then if i get 8 so i must be still missing something.
You get CXP for medals in GSF, but not just for medals.

So you do something, say get an assist. For getting the assist you get a bit of CXP. Get 12 assists and you get 70 bonus CXP for a Wingman medal. You still get CXP for the activity though, so the 13th assist still nets the regular amount of CXP for an assist. However, if that Wingman was you 8th medal, and then you kill your 6th turret of the game and get a Siege medal, while you would get the regular CXP for killing the turret, you get 0 bonus CXP for the medal because you already have 8 medals.

Make sense?

Flying well gets you CXP. Getting medals gets you bonus CXP for each medal up to 8. Get more medals than that and you don't get any more medal bonuses, but you still keep earning CXP for flying well.
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