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06.28.2017 , 07:38 PM | #6
I played a **** load of freelancer , and yha i see the similaritys. Diffrent game IMO by alot thought to .

It's kind of funny that this GSF has beenhear all this time and iv not known about it i would of subed to this game just for this had i been aware of it .

Games like freelancer , tie fighter , wing commander , decent have always been amoung my top favorits of all time , hell i own a thrustmaster warthog for cryijng out loud lol , but latley i have been enjoying some other modern flight sims and flight action games and the whole time thinking " man sure would be cool to have a modern version of x-wing vs tie fighter id play that " and hear it is hidding in a MMO im lucky i found it .

Id love to see more game modes , how easy would it be to make 1 team escort a ship around obcetivs on the map while another team trys to stop them ? or have 2 teams WITH capital sips that have to be destroyed . But my favorit fantasy is if they had 1 player per side in a cap ( star destroyer vs mon calamari ) like in star conflic that would be *********** epic