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I just mastered my first ship ( the flash fire ) and loving it but now that i have a mastered ship some questions have come up in regards to scoring and medals . How much CXP do you earn from medals ? and is thier a cap ? iv seen anyywhare from the + 5500 to as low as 2200 is the reward based soley on medals or are thier other factors ? and one time i think i even seen over 12k with a CXP bosster but i could be mistaken
As it so happens, I made a tutorial video all about Medals. There's lots of other stuff at GSF School you might find useful, too!

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Is thier a way to make missiles lock on without having to hold the botton and relese eg. push a botton and the missile trys to lock and and when it gets it's lock it fires. I play with a fair bit of lag so sometimes missiles just sort of don't work correctly for me , perhaps im missing something ?
There's no alternate method for locking missiles, but what you are seeing may be players using abilities that break missile locks. There are quite a few of these, which can be used either during the lock process or once the missile is in flight. Some of them are not immediately obvious to the launching player unless you keep an eye on your target's buffs (little icons under their picture in your targeting window). Additionally, it is common to lose a lock if someone is near the edge of your secondary firing arc. Try to keep the target centered while locking!

- Despon