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So im new to SWTOR and enjoying it alot . However i REALLY enjoy GSF i find it to be the perfect mix of arcade and sim star wars flight sim . It's not perfect sure but i love it . Reminds me of a cross between war thunder and the old x-wing / tie fighter series .
I think the flight engine mechanics themselves are based off Freelancer which was a space sim from Microsoft but that may just be an urban legend.

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I just mastered my first ship ( the flash fire ) and loving it but now that i have a mastered ship some questions have come up in regards to scoring and medals . How much CXP do you earn from medals ? and is thier a cap ? iv seen anyywhare from the + 5500 to as low as 2200 is the reward based soley on medals or are thier other factors ? and one time i think i even seen over 12k with a CXP bosster but i could be mistaken
With all the legacy perks (I'm talking the six character ones as well as the global one for having one toon at CR 300), GSF bonus day, your same force alignment in a victory state, and a cartel boost, you can get 19k from completing the weekly. A match win, under those conditions, can easily get you over 9k. If you are opposite Force alignment of the victory state side, don't have any of the legacy perks, its not the bonus day for GSF, and you lose, it might be as bad as 2k. Its definitely better the more medals you earn, but I've been backfilled into matches and only had 0-1 medals and still gotten 2k CXP from the loss, with all the perks and a cartel boost, so there is definitely a baseline amount of CXP earned just for being in the match. I don't ever recall seeing anything from the developers regarding a cap on CXP earned per match and practically speaking I doubt it exists.

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Is thier a way to make missiles lock on without having to hold the botton and relese eg. push a botton and the missile trys to lock and and when it gets it's lock it fires. I play with a fair bit of lag so sometimes missiles just sort of don't work correctly for me , perhaps im missing something ?
Nope. You have to hold down the right mouse button (or whatever you desire to change the keybind to) until the lock is complete. Enemies can certainly break your lock by line of sighting you, which if your connection is laggy may not register on your screen exactly when you think. However, the one time an enemy can evade your lock without you necessarily understanding why is if they have Distortion Field mastered. You won't get any feedback like an on screen message as to why your lock is broken, but you can look for the appearance of the distortion field icon under their ship in the target information UI.
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