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06.28.2017 , 05:32 PM | #1
So im new to SWTOR and enjoying it alot . However i REALLY enjoy GSF i find it to be the perfect mix of arcade and sim star wars flight sim . It's not perfect sure but i love it . Reminds me of a cross between war thunder and the old x-wing / tie fighter series .

I just mastered my first ship ( the flash fire ) and loving it but now that i have a mastered ship some questions have come up in regards to scoring and medals . How much CXP do you earn from medals ? and is thier a cap ? iv seen anyywhare from the + 5500 to as low as 2200 is the reward based soley on medals or are thier other factors ? and one time i think i even seen over 12k with a CXP bosster but i could be mistaken

Is thier a way to make missiles lock on without having to hold the botton and relese eg. push a botton and the missile trys to lock and and when it gets it's lock it fires. I play with a fair bit of lag so sometimes missiles just sort of don't work correctly for me , perhaps im missing something ?