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09.19.2018 , 03:04 PM | #1
I have noticed something that is taking place with the Force Cloak on the Assassin that dose not seem to be plaguing the Shadows. When the Shadows uses the using the ability force cloak with the heroic skill that allows it to activate the Resilience it clears all effects on the player and takes the person out of combat. Yet with my Assassin, it dose not work. for I may have like 5 stacks of something damage over time ability in player verse player and even those they are set up the same it dose not take me out of combat. For I seem to get a damage still and get pulled back into combat. So both Resilience and Force Shroud said that it purges all tech and force abilities and increases the resistance factor to 200%. This again works on the Shadow but not on the assassin.

Also I have noticed that playing player vs player on my ASSASSIN, I am getting charged for repairs for damaged equipment and not on the SHADOW. Could you also take a look into this situation.

Ability: Force Cloak (2271329029980160) (Assassin)
Effect: Force Shroud (2271329029980472) (Assassin)

Ability: Force Cloak (2271612497821696) (Shadow)
Effect: Resilience (2271612497822004) (Shadow)

Has any one else seen this