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Yeah this is all nicely laid out in the Clone Wars series. Palpatine moves for more and more emergency powers and, using Dooku, manipulates many players into thinking its the correct move. He already has the Trade Federation under his thimb. Once he federalizes the Banking Clan, in season 5 I think, he now has complete control over the military and the economy. Amidala and Organa do oppose many of his motions knowing they increase his power without any checks or balances but the fear of the atrocities committed by the CIS, or alleged atrocities, moves the ignorant senators to support the Chancellor. The Jedi Order is too preoccupied with ending the war ASAP, mostly by focusing on capturing Dooku or Grievous, that the search for the other Sith (in the Rule of Two) often falls by the wayside. The Jedi think they can just finish the war and Palpatine will just give up all his emergency powers willingly. If we can just win this battle, we are one step closer to winning the war, and then everything will be fine. Hence why they send a mere handful of Jedi to arrest him once they defeat Grievous in ROTS. They simply underestimate him.
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