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11.28.2012 , 03:34 PM | #1327
Well, I think its time for make my first post ever in here, wish me luck (or hope me burn)

Im sure all things have been said million times here, but gonna repeat them anyway and maybe add some speculation as absolute truth.

Make friends

So, how is it that each 8 solo players other side of wz have easy time to find 3 decent PVP friends each for premade, but premade teams cant find 12 decent PVP players for ranked?

As bad 10-49 you have been insulted in most of your wz:s and now you should be find friends among same people. Yes, most are friendly players, but it takes only 1 of 8 to make some players eternal guildless solo queuers.

Get good

So, get good? Its that simple? Everyone cant be at the top no matter how hard they try. Even if all would train as much as best PVP players there always would be those who are far far away in distant galaxy in skill.

Voice comms

Yes, I am sure everyone has headsets with microphones and speak perfect english, but lets pretend if they would not.

Join decent PVP guild

Hey! My all time record damage is with Rage spec Marauder 280K, but most of the time its 40K-140K with annihilation Marauder. I havent won almost none one on ones in wz, but at least I have WH/BM armor (not augmented). My winning % is 5 in lv 50 wz. Can I get in your pro PVP guild? Whaaaat? No? *sniff*

Solo queue only

What prevents War Hero Geared to leave from wz when they see that their buddies arent in same wz, there is 4 or more recruit geared, there is players in full wh against them etc? This happens often in under 50 when theres many 10+ players in team.

Premade only queue

Hey! Didnt we have premade queue already, ranked or something? How did it go? Guys? Guys...? Hello.....?

I like solo queue, its perfect when I want to do daily or weekly, but weekly doesnt happen without wins and collecting comms is bit of pain when there is 0 medals matches where you are farmed at spawn point, not so many, but enough that you quit for lv 50.

I have been in casual guild and trough connections also in one of the most skilled PVP guilds in our server, so I have seen how things goes in both sides.

In casual guild I played players with my skill levels and solo queuers complained that we sucked, but loosing dint feel that bad with good company even when our team play was what it was. In skilled PVP guild things were pretty much same, friendly players, fun to play with, but with this team we mostly won. Those things werent happening in either of guilds after Guild Wars 2 and Pandaria.

With all this wall of text with very little point I am trying to say that I would love solo only queue, but not with expense of losing opportunity to play in premades. I still would like to play with players from my casual or pro guild when I have a chance.

Better matchmaking would work I believe, it wouldnt be perfect, but anything is better than things are now. I would also love solo ranked, as bad it would be only way to finally try it.