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So been away for over 2 years, started up some new characters. Pre-KOTFE you got influence with your companions, at certain levels it would unlock interactions/quests with them. Now with KOTFE does your influence level still affect this? And if so does anyone know what the "max" level is in terms of missions/quests. I know when KOTFE started I had been playing since launch so all my companions were max influece Pre-KOTFE, then they went to Level 10 Post-KOTFE.

I know the max influence level is 50. I mean what level should I get my companions to prior to starting KOTFE, since I know after the KOTFE quests I won't have them anymore and thus will be unable to do the interactions/quests
The companion story progression is gated *only* by your progression in your class story. The gates are fairly fine-grained, unlike the story gates in pre-4.0, where there were only two gating points - the end of Chapter 1 and the end of Chapter 2. (Those gates prevented you from grinding Affection - the pre-4.0 name for it - and cranking out the first companion's whole companion story by repeating Black Talon or Esseles before wandering around the capital world.)

Of course we know the max level for Influence; it hasn't changed since KotFE came out more than three and a half years ago. Influence goes up to rank 50, at 250000 total points.
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