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The 1v1 is balanced around the stealthy starting with 100% health and you having 60%-40% of your health when you get freedom of your character back. Their sustained dps is pitiful, just don't panic and you will beat them often as not in a strait dps fight from 50%.

You should really be worried about them when they DON'T hit you with the 4 second stun after the 1.5 one and start matching their cds to yours. Then yes, you will spend most of the fight not able to do much to them. It won't be over fast though and you'll have plenty of time to get a friend to the off node with you.
Their DPS is more than sufficient to fight with any class I have played in PVP. Assassins now can take me out in 3 hits, and operatives DPS has always been high enough to kill me faster than I can kill them.