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I've noticed something extremely concerning that some people have suggested ever since the brokenness of ranked became virtually the sole focus of the PvP forum since last year, and that is is that ranked needs to go back to the previous matchmaking system. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS.

When I used to play, I remember always getting shafted because it would put the lower rated tank, lower rated healer and lower rated DPS on one team while the other team had the higher rated ones. It's was virtually impossible to climb under that matchmaking, especially if your placements were ****. If your toon got rated into elo hell, it was most likely going to stay there.

While I'm for other changes that have been proposed (such as not putting all Mercs on 1 team and all Sorcs on the other), reverting to the previous matchmaking system of putting all the lower elo characters against the higher elo ones would be a huge mistake.

Just scrap the easily and heavily manipulated elo system altogether and put in the more popular win points-based system that has been proposed or something similar to it.
No, current system in all matters is UNFAIR.Now If you dont climb to top spots during first 2 weeks you wont be able to do it up to the end of season. Current system just carrying bad players by matching highrated skilled players with absolute garbage and giving bad players with low elo middle-rated team mates. If you couldn't reach high elo with previous system which was random to elo it means you arent good enough and require carry from the system. Thats all