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After while I realized... Harkun is an excellent teacher of Sith. Remember, Sith and the Dark side are all about anger, hatred and fear. Who incites more anger hatred and fear than Harkun? He's an a-hole, but he is trying to teach you how to be a Sith, which means making you mad and stirring up your anger and passions. The madder you get at Harkun, the more powerful you are, and he knows this. He is intentionally inciting your passions to make you stronger. He is intentionally putting you in bad spots to make you work harder.

He knows Ffon is a fairly mediocre Sith and doesn't have the mental capacity (Ffon doesn't successfully solve a single difficult problem the entire time), let alone the force strength to succeed. But, by seeming to favor him, he gets you to always put in your best effort. Think about it, he never really challenges Ffon, gives him easy trials... pats him on the head and tells him how great he is. He challenges you, makes you mad and inspires hatred and passion and forces you to always get better and stonger. Which one is he really getting ready for the life of a Sith?

Vemrin would have eaten Ffon for lunch...
I mean that assume Harkun actually cares about you, but with the way the story was presented that isn't the case. Harkun is what he was shown, a speciest/racist old Sith who was willing to give his prodigy the shortcuts which ironically proved to be Ffon's doom. However for you he was a good Overseer since he constantly challenged you, but not because he cared for you but merely because you were an insect his favorite student would take out or die on his/her trials.

Overseer Tremel however is the opposite of a good overseer for you, as he constantly aids you during your trials, he essentially treats you as if you were the Ffon to his Harkun.
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