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Recently the dev Rob Hinkle posted:
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  • I agree, I haven't done a good job closing the feedback loop on the forums and that is something I would like to try to correct.
reguarding the lack of communication from the dev team with the pvp community.

I would like give the chance for the dev team to improve their communication and post 5 questions that have been on the mind of pvp community, hoping that we could get an answer either as a dev post or as part of a blog post. As a disclaimer I don't want to pretend I am talking on behalf of the entire pvp community but from what I have read on this forum I think it would be quite satisfying to have those questions answered.

1 - Why haven't the issues with bubble stun and rage/focus specs been corrected yet ? A temporally quick fix would have sufficed, like reverting back the stun to mezz and making rage/focus work the way they did before the patch. Instead these issues just lingered for months creating a frustrating pvp environment for everyone.

2 - Will we get a big class balance patch before the expasion is released ? If yes would it be possible to give an approximate date of when it will be released ? What about a patch that fixes bubblestun and rage/focus ?

3- Even though there are tons of threads with proposals of magical fixes to classes , it is nearly impossible to design a game that offers diversity in gameplay and it is completely balanced. Is there a plan to release patches with class balances more frequently in order to avoid a huge number of FOTMs classes like it has happened recently ?

4- How much pvp will be left on Ilum on the incoming 1.7 patch , from the info we got so far it seems like a pve centered patch.

5- Are there any plans of creating warzone queues that separate premades and solo players ? Or even a matching system that would try to put premade teams against other premade teams and only match premade teams against pugs as a last resort ?

Finally I would like to suggest that the devs would post their reply to common questions on the pvp forum as stickied dev posts. This would avoid immense number of new threads addressing the same issue to be posted and leave space to more constructive and fun threads for the pvp community.

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