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I like every class I have tried. Maybe my question was is there a best/great class for max level content like raids etc? Or will any suffice?

Are you sure you cannot do class story after boost? I've read different.
The best class for *you* for any content is the one *you* feel most at ease playing and have the most familiarity with the rotation. For me, that means Gunnery Commando, because that was my main for ages, but for you it will be something else, maybeperhaps.

Outlander tokens lock you out of the class story, the class-companion stories, and the Revan-linked story set:
* Prelude to Revan / Forged Alliances
* Shadow of Revan (Rishi / Yavin)
* Rise of the Emperor (Ziost)

Start-at-65 Outlander token characters are also locked out of "first play" decisions in Knights of the Fallen Empire.

Master's Datacron characters (that is, ones created at level 1 and boosted to 70 by the Master's Datacron) are not locked out of any content.
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