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Dear Devs,

Since the changes have been released for all classes, I wanted to give my opinion on the current state of sorcerer dps(PVP). Given the current state of sorc dps vs the rest and the projected strengths of others in 6.0, I believe sorcs are not where they need to be. Could I be wrong? Of course I could. But I've been maining sorc for years and while I do not claim to be the best sorc dps, I certainly feel that there needs to be some fairly drastic changes to sorc dps and survivability. Am I asking that sorcs be given the keys to become insanely overpowered? No. I just want sorcs to be strong or at least somewhat capable to hang with the big dogs.

To begin with, Madness is in some serious need of tweaking. The new power does not fit with the rotation. The move could only be useful if a player wanted to save it for kiting or to just have something to cast once force leech and death field are down. Since madness is a dot spec with very little burst or damage reduction built in, madness is and can only be effective if the player can keep up his/her dots by spreading while using force leech and force lightning to proc lightning strike and demolish for some burst. My suggestion would be to have volt rush auto tick, crit, and increase crit damage of the next dot. So one could cast volt rush on a target with madness dots and then the next dot would tick, crit and the crit damage of that dot would be increased. Or perhaps another idea would be to have the damage scale as the player uses his/her charges of volt rush. So as one uses each charge of volt rush, maybe for the next few seconds dot damage is increased & auto crits. Another idea could be to turn volt rush into an aoe if and only if the target has both dots and the death field debuff. This could possibly help fit the new power into madness spec. Oh and make death field larger than 5m again.

I know the Devs are trying something similar with virulence(damage from dots automatically finishes) and while I do not want a straight copy and paste fix for madness, I believe one possible solution for a madness damage tweak would be to make it easier to apply, keep up, and spread dots. With all of the coming changes in 6.0 it seems many classes are getting their burst tweaked or expanded, while others are seeing their aoe damage increased but unfortunately for madness players nothing was introduced to address the fact that madness often takes too long to set up. I know it sounds silly but given the sheer amount of resist, rolls, cleanses that exist in the game, having to waste multiple globals applying two weak dots on one target takes way too long. I believe there needs to be an utility, tactical or a straight up talent(preferred) change to madness that will allow/apply both dots at once. All this does is save one global and the reason for that is because when the class is based off of dot spreading and all the while so many other classes can tee up mega damage by hitting one button it can be frustrating to waste time applying dots. Maybe I am completely wrong about madness and my ideas to fix it are bad but I just wanted to give my opinion on some areas I believe need to be looked at.

Survivability is something I also want to address and this is for sorcs in general, not really directed at one spec. But before anyone mentions this, yes I know of the changes to sorc utilities on the PTS(I believe many of the proposed changes to sorc utilities are a good step) but they are not enough. The coming burst/aoe and the survivability changes to numerous classes completely out weighs any minor sorc utility change. Sorcs are the wizard or mage of swtor. Sorcs are or should be the glass cannon and as I've said before sorcs do not have enough defensive cooldowns to survive the changes in 6.0(or even the current meta). Sorcs just get completely destroyed because all any good sorc can do is kite and position themselves in a way to avoid damage. There are not enough damage reduction/cooldowns for sorcs to survive. Now maybe if sorcs were the top damage dealers then fine, let sorcs stay as a glass cannon. But if sorcs will not be in the top 3 for dps classes then defensive changes must be made.

I believe changes need to be made to the barrier mechanic. There is too much of a downside to casting barrier. Yes it halts all damage but it is easy to get a sorc to pop barrier and when the sorc does, good melee will just return to the sorc to stun lock and kill. I believe the healing and DR should be increased on force barrier with a possible addition of a knockback or aoe damage strike once the barrier is over. I also believe that suppression could be tweaked even further to help with sorc survivability. Although I would rather see a brand new power introduced to help with DR/resist, I am not against further utility tweaking of existing powers to help with survivability. And to be perfectly honest, since so many classes have been given similar powers of other classes, it wouldn't hurt if sorcs stole another DR/mitigation power from another class. You guys did give sorcs phase walk and it was a great addition that was sorely needed but I believe it is time to add another one. Force camo?

I do want to apologize for the walls of text and the late response to this thread but I wanted to give my opinion before 6.0 launches and I hope sorcs get one last look. Thank you for your time and I wish everyone the best of luck in 6.0.