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10.07.2019 , 06:36 AM | #111
Dear developers!
Your attempt to make useful sets for sorc/sage healers is again inappropriate. In order for all the sets to be equally useful and / or among them you can choose, you finally need to make the "Reduces cooldown of Innervate or Healing Trance by 1.5sec" a passive ability of the heal class.
Seriously think about it, since you did not think about starting the sixth patch before receiving a new set bonus.
In addition, I remind you once again about the main problem of the class - negative force recovery, with the removal of the bonus set to an additional force, as well as a change in the new set, the situation has become even worse than before.
No need to do sage/sorc healers OP as at the start of the fourth patch, just make it possible to keep the force count under control.
Also, an offer to consider, remove both tacticals on the AoE heal and make one that simply reinforces the most expensive and most "useless" AoE heal in the game, which, I recall, uses the same stacks for regeneration force to speed up use.
As always, I remind you, my posts are aimed at leveling sorc/sage healers compared to other heals in the game for passing PvE/PvP content.
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