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For alderaan, Consular, I'm missing my Persons of NOte and I've completed everything on Alderaan. Does anyone have a clue as to who this is? Is it Bouris Ulgo? If so why isn;t it showing?
Yep, comments on seem to indicate the Bouris Ulgo entry is bugged. I hadn't noticed because Alderaan is one of the planets I skipped entirely except for class quests during leveling.

Also, small update, the Belsavis entries 'Belsavis Prison Personnel' and 'Belsavis Vaults' were found over on, so they can be removed from the list. The 'Master of the Burning Way' title on Belsavis is not obtainable though, and should be added to the list. (Yep, only one entry bugged on Belsavis, downright amazing! )

Also, WolfpackAW, regarding the 'unless partied with a viable class' next to some Ord Mantell entries. Do you personally experienced this? Sounds like a rumor or a theory, although it would be nice if it worked.