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Except that, you know, the survivability calculations for Shadows assume 100% uptime on Kinetic Ward. As soon as KW drops off, Shadows because *noticeably* squishier *and* spikier compared to the other tanks.
YOUR survivability calculations may depend on that. I'm not at all sure the designers' do.

My point was that problems with HM FP dog packs aren't really indicative of Shadow tanks' Op viability and therefore aren't a serious problem. In any situation where a Shadow has to has to take damage from many hard-hitting mobs simultaneously, Kinetic Ward's charge count is going to be a survivability issue. That's sort of intrinsic to the Shadow tank class as we know it, and isn't the root the spiky damage problem that's actually a danger to our Ops-worthiness.

I mean... I'd love for Kinetic Ward to be a perma-buff, too, but... not going to happen. Until it does, our solution is to pop a CD on the dog pulls in HM Mando Raiders and complain in Group Chat about how Saber Reflect is OP.

Quote: Originally Posted by Kitru View Post
It's like they didn't even *look* at the math for F/T + K/E attacks when they were working on the tanks in 2.0 and only made it worse when they designed the huge individual hits to be K/E instead of I/E (which, honestly, they should be since all of the tanks mitigate those pretty much identically).
This is the real problem, and it is a big deal. Shadow tanks will get left behind because of this. Though... I suspect that they'll fix it by changing the damage type of Terminate rather embarking on any sort of overhaul of the way Shadows mitigate damage.