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I don't think that the spikiness on assassins is a game breaking concern.
Here's where we're going to disagree. It's not a concern that prevents me from doing content, so it might not be game breaking in *that* sense. However, it's a drastic disadvantage that isn't really present in any of the other tanks, and the disadvantage doesn't even offer a commensurate gain elsewhere.

It's not a question of Shadows being *incapable* of doing content. It's a question of it being such a major disadvantage when *doing* such content, such that, even when you factor in the advantages that Shadows *do* get (short CDs, Resilience, self healing, better average survivability), Shadows are *still* at a disadvantage from a functional standpoint.

Having to use tank CDs as a fundamental aspect of play when the other tanks only have to use them for emergencies isn't balanced.

Supposedly having the best average survivability but requiring the *most* healing, a lot of which is wasted as overhealing, to deal with the massive spikes in incoming damage while the other tanks just sit there and take everything constantly isn't balanced.

You bring up how Shadows can get around Terminate by using CDs and consumables (not *everyone* is a Biochem and has the reusables, so isn't something that the content or the class is developed around), which is funny because *the other tanks don't have to*.

I have *never* said that Shadow tanks cannot do content. I have *always* said that Shadow tanks are at a major disadvantage compared to the other tanks specifically *because* of the spikiness issue. It doesn't matter how many workarounds using our CDs, consumables, tank swaps, or whatever else because it's still stuff *we* have to do as a matter of survival that the other tanks *don't*, and we're not even compensated for it in any other appreciable way. Before Saber Reflect was added, you could make the claim that Resilience was our compensation, but now Guardians have something that's either commensurate or better (depending on how much you value the reflect/threat generation/affecting ranged attacks) so that's no longer true. Hell, our short CDs mean less than they used to now that the Guardian CDs are at 150 secs rather than 180.
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