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I hope that means you will also be adjusting the types of conquest activities. Ie, this weeks activities are terrible for small guilds or solo players. Everything seems to be around Master mode flash points and not planetary activities or rampages.

Itís all well and good to up the totals, but you need to make them fair for everyone. Not just the top guilds. Remember less grind equals more fun. More grind equals people leaving the game.

One of the best things youíve done with conquest in 2 years was only 5 weeks ago when you eased up on the way to accumulate points. It actually made conquest fun again and people who hadnít done it for a long time started to participate.

Please donít take 2 steps back now and make it worse than before.

I feel like this is another nail in the swtor coffin. Reading this thread has made me not want to bother testing anything on the pts if you guys STILL havenít learnt from past mistakes with conquest. I really do hope I am wrong. But every time I give you guys the benefit of the doubt, you burn us. My gut tells me this is about to happen again. Please prove me wrong.
I also completle agree with this.
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