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I agree with TrixxieTriss; the increase in points has encouraged more of my guild members to get involved with CQ. They just do normal activities and then realise they have also made a fair amount of CQ points which brings them close to getting our guild CQ rewards so they put a bit more effort in and take on a few CQ objectives to reach the goal line.

It really seems you are disconnected from CQ and guilds in general. You spend too long looking at statistics instead of the enjoyment level of players. The point balance right now is great. People get rewards easily which makes them happy. Sure the rewards are pretty crap but just getting a "you have won something" popup makes people happy. Please stop breaking things that don't need fixing
I think they are a little low, not too much, but definitely a little low. I would think 20-25K would be just about the sweet spot for conquest. It doesn't put too much of a strain on what we have now. I do agree that the objectives need to be updated. I have been asking for more differing types of objectives for a long time. Right now, I don't need anyone to help me hit the small guild goal, I can do this on my own and get 15 toons across the line easily. I would like it a little bit higher. 20k per per person and 225K per guild would be a little harder for ME, but I don't think it would be overly drastic of a jump for a guild of more 4 or more people that is already hitting the mark. (small yield is all i am doing so not sure the numbers of people for the mid and large yields).

Getting to conquest in 30-45 minutes is way to easy right now.