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07.25.2019 , 11:58 AM | #12
I was actually going to make a post about some conquest related changes I noticed yesterday that are going to affect other things.

1. The 50k point goal. I balked at that at first. Then I noticed some things.
A) More conquest points for random npc kills. Normal/Silver/Gold - all the conquest points were increased.
B) Level sync was altered. Instead of being put to 12 on Korriban, I was put to 10. That means fewer gray mobs and more conquest points overall. This pattern was followed for both DK and Balmorra (only 3 planets I checked).
C) It looked like the "mission completion" points were buffed as well. yesterday I thought they were the same, but I just realized I didn't have XP armor equipped and didn't have the SH bonus.

2. Aggro range is heightened dramatically.
A) Will allow you to aggro mobs more quickly. Faster kills = faster completion.
B) I know you're not supposed to have an A w/o a B....but what I was going to put here I'm moving to next spot

3. Not specifically related to conquest:
A) Level Sync changes and Aggro range increase means that heroics that used to be really fast, will take longer.
B) Toxic Bombs for example. You go in and kill the mobs in pairs. On TC, the first pair died normally. The 2nd pair, on my melee TC toon, I was close enough to aggro the pair in the back corner. The level sync changes made them hit harder and even with my influence 25 healer companion, AND kitted out with the "uber" gear from the Odessan vendors, I had to stealth out to avoid getting killed.

There's some balance that needs to be done at the low end of the game on TC right now.

Even CZ198, from what I saw in another post, the aggro range is such that mobs in another room were attacking the player making the post.

It might not be skytrooper bad, but it's different than how it's been.

If the devs are going to keep it, the players will need to adjust.
Which, in my opinion, is NOT the time to increase to 50k points personal goal.